Jan 24, 2011

Printed Art

Graphic Prints are a great cost effective and fun way to dress up your walls.  Not to mention the fact that there are a billion websites out there that offer an insane variety prints at totally inexpensive prices!

If you have a blank wall and need to add some energy into a space I highly suggest taking this route.  And if they're a bit too quirky for you why not add these in a children's room or nursery? Just a thought...



Allegra said...

hi lindsay! i love your blog...great interior inspiration! i was reading this post about prints and thought that you might dig this website...its cool for youngsters like us who are on a bit of a budget, but without having to give up the dream of having cool art.


hope life is great!

Lindsey "Lou" Pearson said...

Hi! The first image of the whale print is actually from that site. I absolutely love it! Next step is to actually buy something for myself :)

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, where can i find the fifth print down? I would like to put it in my son's room.

Lindsey "Lou" Pearson said...

Hi Emily,
You can get the image at www.Poster Cabaret.com - It is called "I came to get down" by Hollie Chastain. I totally thought of a boy's room when I selected that. It would look great!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lindsey.
I found your blog and this print through Pinterest last night. I really appreciate your blog.

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