Aug 30, 2010

Vendor Spotlight: Serena & Lily

If you haven't already discovered Serena & Lily...get excited! They are well known for their beautiful bedding collections but also carry a great selection of furniture and decor.  I recently got familiar with the company when helping my sister design her nursery.  They carry a great selection of nursery bedding and their catalog is full of inspirational ideas! 
If you feel design-challenged you can simply shop within a collection that has been put together on the website!

Most of the furniture is sold in a standard white with the option to have it upholstered from a selection of fabrics.  Of course, these fabrics easily coordinate with all of the bedding they carry - it's a one stop shop for all things bedroom.

Catalina Bedding Collection
Speaking of bedding...I love this combination of a graphic, bold duvet paired with a small scaled print on the sheets.

Turquoise Moroccan Leather Pouf
Moroccan Poufs are a huge trend right now.  Serena & Lily carries them in fun colors like this turquoise.  They would be perfect in a nursery or playroom - no sharp corners!

Alpaca Throw
These Alpaca throws would look great placed at the foot of a bed - and I love these fun colors!

Aug 19, 2010

Closet Heaven

I am currently working on a modern "bachelor pad" for our young client.  Earlier this week I found myself at the job site discussing the layout of his master closet.  I tried to remain calm as we discussed his customized shoe racks, generous amounts of drawers, hanging space and even pull-out garment rods! As a woman with a slight shopping addiction I could really use a beautiful, large closet.  I couldn't help but chime in throughout the meeting and voice my concern for the lack of compartments that may be needed in the future - when the owner is no longer a bachelor.  Later that night I began to research various closet designs for my files.  Here are a few that caught my eye...

Everything here is neatly tucked away behind cabinetry.  This allows the gorgeous carved French doors to steal all the attention!

I like the simple, streamlined look of this closet.  The clothes are the showpiece in this space.

This is a girl's dream - all of the shoes and handbags out for display.  I also think it's a great idea to incorporate a window so you can see the colors of your items in the natural sunlight.

Can you imagine never having to dig through a jewelry box and untangle your necklaces again? These drawers are definitely not a necessity but would be a wonderful luxury!

From the set of Sex and the City this closet represents both the masculine and feminine side.  The chaise lounge in the center makes for a great place to throw clothes when you're frantically deciding what to wear - a normal occurrence for me.

Aug 16, 2010

Bedroom Envy

After spending last weekend in Las Vegas all I could think about was getting back home and into my own bed! Along with the kitchen, I think the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house.  It's the last thing you see before you fall asleep and the first thing you see when you wake up.  It's a very personal space and should make you feel completely relaxed (and insanely comfortable). Although I love my current bedroom, it could definitely use some sprucing up.  The following images provide a great source of inspiration for bedrooms in my future!

Designed by Leslie Klotz, House Beautiful
You don't need fancy bedding to create a great looking bed.  Simple white linens provide a great backdrop for a brightly colored throw (which can easily be switched out for a completely different look).

Designed by Philip Gorrivan, Elle Decor
I love the ceiling treatment in this bedroom.  It makes sense to do something different on the ceiling since you're always lying in bed looking up!

Domino archives
This room screams beach house. It's bright colors and natural textures make it a perfect space connected to the outdoors. If you have tall ceilings, why not hang a woven egg chair?
Designed by Kathryn M. Ireland, House Beautiful
The bedding in this room is so vibrant and colorful - it is a welcome surprise in the bedroom.

Designed by Amanda Kyser, House Beautiful
I love the neutral color palette in this room.  It is more soothing than the other rooms and welcomes you for a great night sleep.

Domino archives
If you like blue than this room should appeal to you. When using such bold prints it's smart to keep the area rug simple and neutral as they did here.  (I'm not sure about the off-center painting above the bed - maybe I didn't get the memo?).

Designed by Kristin Hein and Philip Cozzi, House Beautiful
I've always liked the idea of creating a headboard that is pushed away from the wall and used as a partition itself.  It can divide the space and be used as storage on the backside, housing drawers for clothing, etc.

Jonathan Berger, House Beautiful
This is a great example of how a headboard can become an art piece within the space.  Upholstered headboards are fairly reasonable to fabricate so why not get creative with it's shape?

Aug 11, 2010

Vendor Spotlight: Anthropologie

This is a first in a new series where I will highlight different vendors and some of my favorite items from their store.  I would love to just post inspirational images and rooms all day but I think it's always nice to know where great things can be found.  This week I've re-discovered Anthropologie and their lovely home department. 
This is a great twist on your traditional leather sofa.  I can see it in a traditional or a more modernized home.

I'm not crazy about this fabric (although, in the right place it could work) but I absolutely adore the silhouette of this chair!

I love the natural finish on this reclaimed pine cabinet.  It looks like something that's been around for years and was passed down.  But don't be deceived by the amount of drawers - it's a false facade that houses only three drawers on the left and one large door on the right (with 3 adjustable shelves behind). 

These coffee tables would work in front of a sofa or sectional because their size can be manipulated by sliding one table out more or pushing it to the side.  It also never hurts to have more than one surface - if your anything like me, you have a selection of magazines on it at all times!

This is an example of some of the unique lighting fixtures they carry.  They even sell hardwired chandeliers and pendants so be sure to check them out.

Aug 6, 2010

Inspiration Gallery: The Kitchen

Since I've finished school and moved into a larger apartment (with a larger kitchen) I've made a point to start cooking more.  My boyfriend my disagree, but I think I'm on my way to becoming a fairly decent cook.  It runs in my blood so I have to hope that genetics plays a role at some point.  Right?  I keep telling myself that once I have a REAL kitchen that inspires me I will become a cooking queen. It's no secret that the Kitchen is the heart of a home and becomes the gathering point for every party.  Whether it's for cooking purposes or pure entertaining, having a beautiful kitchen is a luxury everyone should enjoy.  Here are some inspirational kitchens I've collected over the past few years. 

9 by Design

unknown scan

Domino archives