Oct 22, 2010

Catalog Living

If you're anything like me, you get a million catalogs in the mail! I always find myself browsing through them and fantasizing about how that couch or rug would look in my apartment.  But more often than not I am perplexed on some of the styling that goes on in those rooms. Is it realistic that someone would have a lamp hanging from their ceiling? Or four pairs of the same old leather shoe lined up at the front door?  Not likely.  And I'm not alone in these thoughts - actor, writer, and comedian Molly Erdman has created a website that is dedicated to such idiocracies. Here's an example of what you can find at Catalog Living...

"As if the pile of leaves in front of Gary and Elaine’s door weren’t enough, the haphazardly placed welcome sign removed any doubt that no one, in fact, was welcome."

"The pushpins were left behind as Gary furiously ran to the store with the two notes they had previously held: 'Buy fruit for second bowl' and 'Buy fruit for third bowl.'"

Oct 20, 2010

Herringbone Happy

Herringbone - either you love it or you hate it.  I personally love it! This classic pattern can be found throughout the design world.  Whether it's on a men's suit or the side of a building; it always seems to bring a sense of style.  Just be sure to use it sparingly because too much of this geometric pattern can make you a bit dizzy...

I have a slight obsession with herringbone wood floors. They work beautifully in both traditional and modern spaces and never go out of style.

To create a high impact use contrasting colors as seen here.  Although it may be a little bold for some, I think it's a nice addition to a bathroom - a space that you (hopefully) don't spend too much time in.

This over scaled version of the pattern creates a highly unique garage door that will add style to any home.

You can create a subtle impact by using soft, neutral colors.   The sheer quality of this drape also adds to a more relaxed sensibility.

I just discovered this new product line from Flor - can you believe these are carpet tiles?! So chic.

Oct 6, 2010

Vendor Spotlight: VandM.com

I love strolling through stores and showrooms to get inspired, but lately there just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day! So I find myself turning to the Internet to get my shopping fix.  It allows me to browse through endless amounts of items from the comfort of my own home; at times when most stores are closed.  I find that a lot of vendors are posting their inventory on websites like eBay or 1stdibs - It's like a virtual mall where you can shop from various stores all on one website.  

My newest obsession is a site called VandM.com.  Just look at some of the fun stuff I found...

Secretaire, Mine

Tuxedo Sofa, The Shop at Maison

19th century Everted Flange Low Coffer, Albert Joseph Gallery

Antique Moroccan Rug, Nazmiyal Collection

Vintage Ceramic Lamp, Absolute Fabrics and Home

Porcelain Statue, LA Vintage Furnishings