Feb 14, 2013

Happy Love Day!

Happy Valentines Day Lovelies!!
Are you doing anything special today?

I celebrated with a crafty night with my sis and a good friend last weekend.  
We made Vday cards and ate chocolate souffles - a tradition my sister has created.  
It was the perfect way to kick off the holiday.  

I brought over old wallpaper samples and random leftover items from the wedding....

My man and I usually don't do anything too crazy.  
I feel like we just got done with the holidays (and his birthday) so it's nice to just take a step back from the whole gift thing.  I did however, pick up this gem for him:

& he found his way to straight to my heart with these:

Life is sweet.

Feb 1, 2013

Eye Candy


I've finally done the latest clean out on my iphone.  
Here's what's I've snapped over the past month...

My fabulous new Alyson Fox pillows from West Elm.

Insane wallpaper at Harbinger LA

LOVE these campaign style pieces (also form Harbinger)

Great large scaled pots

Did some slab shopping - fell in love with this calacatta oro

Mary McDonalds new rug line at Schumacher

Spied this adorable lamp at West Elm (I have an addiction to that store)

Spent time with this handsome devil

Enjoy the weekend!!