Jul 26, 2011

Wedding on the mind

As I suspected, all I can think about lately is weddings, weddings and more weddings! I can't stop thinking about what I want to do for the big day and it's taken over my life!!! Being in the design world, I feel a little extra pressure in getting it right and that only adds to the stress. So if you've come here for some interior design ideas I am sorry to disappoint. Here's what I'm lusting over as of today (it will probably change tomorrow).....

Images from my Pinterest "Wedding" board - click on the link to the right to follow me!

Jul 21, 2011

Restoration Hardware - The Gallery

Did any of you LA peeps notice that the Restoration Hardware in Santa Monica and the Beverly Center recently closed their doors? Well last week I discovered why! They created "The Gallery" on Beverly Blvd (near Robertson - where the old William Sonoma was). We visited this amazing new showroom with a client last week and we were all blown away!! Even the client that has a gagillion dollars was super impressed. I must go back when I'm not working. If you are a local, I highly recommend taking a peek inside.

* These flowers are real and they are gorgeous. The talented Eddie Zaratsian design beautiful arrangements in the stores very own floral boutique!

Jul 14, 2011

Blythswood Square Luxury

During our fabulous vacation we stayed in some pretty decent hotels but nothing beats our one night stay in Glasgow. Somehow I managed to book us a room at a 5 star hotel - this is not in our normal budget!! But apparently Hotels.com did us well. When we arrived at the Blysthwood Square Hotel we immediately noticed the quaint park across the street.  It was a super charming spot in the midst of what is the largest city in Scotland. The real excitement however, came when we entered the hotel. The building has a ton of old world charm and architectural detailing but the design is super modern! We hardly left our room because it was sooo comfortable and we secretly felt bad not spending every minute in this 5 star beauty (I don't predict this happening again for a looooong time!). Take a look for yourself.....  

I love these floors! The bold geometric pattern paired with delicate chandeliers - perfect.

Herringbone floors? Yes Please!!

Herringbone was everywhere and I loved it! And look at that sofa fabric - such a fun color.
The bathroom opened up to the bedroom area. It was a fun design in theory but not very practical - espically with a glass door to the water closet. But I'm not complaining!

Jul 11, 2011

I'm Baaaaaackkkk!

I'm back and I've got a whole new look! While I was away, the lovely Erin from Designer Blogs remodeled my tired looking blog. What do you think?  I really wanted something cleaner and more updated & I couldn't be happier. One of my favorite parts - the images can now be larger! Isn't that what you really want to see anyway?

In addition to the newly designed blog, my personal life is also embarking upon an exciting time....I got engaged!! My boyfriend of almost 5 years popped the question while we were in Killarney, Ireland and I've had a permanent smile ever since!  (Note: I will do my best to keep this an interior design based blog and not a wedding blog! No promises though).

Photos from the trip to follow...