Jul 21, 2011

Restoration Hardware - The Gallery

Did any of you LA peeps notice that the Restoration Hardware in Santa Monica and the Beverly Center recently closed their doors? Well last week I discovered why! They created "The Gallery" on Beverly Blvd (near Robertson - where the old William Sonoma was). We visited this amazing new showroom with a client last week and we were all blown away!! Even the client that has a gagillion dollars was super impressed. I must go back when I'm not working. If you are a local, I highly recommend taking a peek inside.

* These flowers are real and they are gorgeous. The talented Eddie Zaratsian design beautiful arrangements in the stores very own floral boutique!


Laurie said...

me likey, now if they could only create a "kid proof" chesterfield. ahhhh

theLENNOXX said...

Wow this RH looks absolutely amazing! I love how they always exaggerate dimension and scale. I'd love to go there one day =)

xox Linda

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