May 17, 2010

LA Times - Home: Living Walls

I've always been told that I have to check out the Home section in the Los Angeles Times.  Unfortunately I don't receive the paper, nor would I have time to read it!  But once again the Internet does not disappoint.  I have a new obsession with the online version of the paper - it's super easy to use and you can search articles from months past.  Take a look at this amazing home they recently featured.  The Bricault family created a wonderful space in Venice, CA that is wrapped in "Living Walls."   The exterior walls are covered in various succulent plants,that are contained by a modular green-wall system. 

These pivoting doors allow the inside and outside to feel like one large space.  There are so many great designs out there it's easy to create this look - similar door designs can be found at NanaWall.

 As you can see, the family managed to create an equally beautiful space on the interior. The look is sleek and modern with ceilings reaching 25feet high. And they were still able to keep the space inviting and comfortable!

May 6, 2010

Stylish Area Rugs

I'm sorry it's taken so long to post! I have been in the process of moving apartments and it's been a bit overwhelming to say the least. 

We are still in the process of pulling the apartment together and finding ourselves having to rethink our old furniture layout (obviously something I love).  I finally have real hardwood floors - one of my top priorities in finding a new place! With this new luxury comes a need for area rugs - just another expense and another difficult decision.  Here are some options I looked into (although most were not in my budget!).

West Elm is one of my favorite stores. They are always hip without being too trendy and over the top.  I particularly  love these rugs that they carry.

The Rug Company carries a line designed by Suzanne Sharp. This is the Ponti Brown but it also comes in Red and a neutral silk color.

We just got a brand new CB2 in West Hollywood and It's a great new source for all things modern and affordable  (Our new dining chairs were just purchased there today!).  I love this birdwalk rug - The eye gets some relief from the pattern as it sort of "walks" off the rug.  I am loving the steely blue color too.
CB2 has teamed up with the makers of FLOR to create this new addition to the rug tile family:

Pictures of our new space to come...