Jun 6, 2011


I've organized a camping trip for this coming weekend to celebrate my birthday. It's something we used to always do when I was little and I felt like bringing it back this year (maybe it will help me feel less old?!). We are heading up to a campground just North of my hometown in Santa Barbara which makes it super convenient and a little less "rough."  I even have my family bringing up food during the day so I don't have to lug it all to the site! I thought I was creating a pretty luxurious camping trip....That is until I heard about "Glamping," or glamorous camping.  These semi-permanent tents and their furnishings are pretty freakin glamorous. Maybe for my 50th?


annaelledge said...

AMAZING!!! I just spent the last 10 days camping so this is eye candy! LOVE this post Lou! And can't wait for this weekend!!!!! xx

jessica said...

have always wanted to glamp during safari. fun photos! xo

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