Mar 25, 2011

Inside Africa

If you haven't heard (or seen) about borders closing it's stores left and you know.  Although I'm sad that book stores will soon be absolute I am loving the "going out of business" sales that are popping up everywhere! I recently ventured into a Borders that was closing down and scored this amazing new coffee table book - "Inside Africa, North & East." It is absolutely gorgeous and chalk full of inspiration! Not to mention the bright cover that adds a pop of color to our dull coffee table. It came out in 2006 so I'm a little late in the game, but what else is new...
Photographer Didi Von Schaewen spent several years traveling Africa and took these gorgeous pics to prove it.  The pages are 10" x 13" so you really feel transported into each image.  Now I just need to get my hands on the "South & West" version!


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