May 2, 2012

Busy Busy Bee

Even though wedding prep is all consuming at the moment......I still have a real job (sigh). My mind may not be in it, but I'm trying to go through the motions.

Luckily I got out of the office today and made a trip down to H.D. Buttercup. We are in a desperate search for some less expensive items to please Mrs. Client Indecisive! This place is a large warehouse filled with different vendors under one big roof. Think high end flea market. It's always fun to walk around and see what new items they have. Unfortunately their customer service kind of sucks - I've been spoiled by the friendly folks over at the Pacific Design Center! BUT if you're looking for somewhat of a deal and don't have a designer (they are open to the public) check it out...

I had no idea there was a Rejuvenation store in the same complex! I've always loooooved their catalog. This is exciting...


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