Nov 22, 2011

Ombre Art

Ombré - a French word meaning "to shade." 

If you haven't noticed, this style has been applied to any and everything these days! The biggest trend is the Ombré hair style. Yes, it is now cool to have roots.  But my favorite use of Ombré has to be in the art world. It's such a beautiful, soft, simple look that will work in any space. Not to mention the fact that it's a look that can easily be done DIY style. Paint chips and watercolor work best. I can't wait to create my masterpiece...



I am in absolute love with the last image! The colors are beautiful and worked perfectly under that grid! Loving it!
PS: Love your blog, will be part of my daily routine to stop by :)


Lindsey "Lou" Pearson said...

Thanks Barbara! I promise to try and post more so it can become a "daily" read :)

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